und so spielt man das Spiel

_ vaterfreuden _

Jane, 3, illiterate, is showing me how to play the game and after a while I realize that she is taking an off-label approach. She just wants to roll the dice, collect cards of unknown purpose, and move the dinosaur figures around a loop that has no clear start or end point. We are locked in an infinite march around the island. There can be no dinosaur escape. To me, this is perfect. We roll and move our dinosaurs in a pointless, sacred dance, Jane narrating each turn like it’s ESPN. For a moment, I accidentally think about how life is just moving pieces around, collecting meaningless tokens, but then I turn my writer brain off before it gets too stupid. I feel like I am watching a jellyfish tank at the aquarium or watching waves land and slide back into the surf. She breaks my reverie, my exquisite boredom, by asking me if she can have some cheese. She can.

Everything Happened vol.214

/ 2022–06–11
/ #journal #vaterfreuden #zitat

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