New podcast episode

My friend Niv and i produce a pop-culture centric podcast called Asteroids In Exile, and the newest episode was released last weekend.

If you’re interested to hear about two foreigners talk about US pop-culture, you can do so here.

It’s available via iTunes, acast or you can subscribe to our feed.


He sees a world where the cynicism and the corruption, the war and hate and intolerance that surrounds cannot allow for good people to exist. No one stays good in this world. Everyone succumbs to the fever, the rage. Where a young boy devastated by the loss of his parents can dedicate his entire life not to a crusade that looks to save his city from the corruption that took them from him, but to punish the people in it for allowing it to happen. Where a farmboy who learns he has to power to do anything is forced to do nothing in the face of bureaucracy.

quote taken from this article on How Superman Saved My Life