Obsessive Compulsive Trust

In therapy i was asked if my Wife knows what is going through my head when i have obsessive compulsive thoughts or why i perform some actions that go in hand with the disorder. It never crossed my mind to do so, because that could make her her think i’m insane.
What a logical thing to assume, considering that she has witnessed my obsessive compulsive gymnastics for a two digit high number of years.

Olfactory experience

In reaponse to today’s writing promt from Daily Post, i decided to post this text i saved up for another time immediatly.


The perfume of a lady on the tram seemed to have hightened my olfactory awareness. It wasn’t the most pleasent smell one could put on a body, but i wouldn’t have complained if i had known of the heavily sweating man who came in later to replace her.

Later i saw a dog sniffing at the base of a tree, looking up the tree, some more sniffing. The person who seemed to be his owner has walked on. The dog realized this and followed her; taking a quick detour after a few steps in her direction, to circle the tree and taking in another nose of whatever he was smelling there.
When i passed by the tree i took a big nose too. Nothing exciting, the cold weather kills almost all scents and all i got was the usual city stink.
I wondered how a dog, who’s olfactory sense and organs are more highly developed than ours, and in turn must certainly inform the way he naviagtes it, might perceive our world. Is he able to see smells? Can he handle them like filters in a CAD software?
Would that lady’s perfume smell good to him, or would he be able to decode the single smells that make up the whole of it, an appreciate the craft behind its composition?


 Try to avoid taking a loved person for granted. We are built for pattern recognition, so when a person we like stays around for a while, we accept them as a fixed part in our life, but when the realization that they are humans too kicks in, let them know of your affection.
A simple „Thank You.“ can ease one’s conscience once time bares it’s teeth in the pursuit of life.
Like i said yesterday, there is never enough time.


One of my step-Nieces has been diagnosed with ovary cancer.
No matter the age, there is never enough time. For anything.


An Uncle’s 60th birthday.
I did not attend the festivities because the feud between my cousin and me, but i dreamt that my Uncle was chasing me to tell me how disappointed he is in me. He was doing so in one of those battery powered jeeps for kids. But dream logic realized that a grown man can’t take a seat in one of those, so my Uncle stood in it and steered it with a remote control.