Die dritte Episode der Dracula Serie der BBC ist….interessant. Eine oder zwei Episoden mehr wären da vielleicht nicht schlecht gewesen.
Gut, dass man den Qualitätsabfall so schnell angelegt hat, Jahrelang auf eine Staffel warten die einen enttäuscht ist–ein privates Problem; man steigt nicht mehr in den Rummelzug ein.

Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary[1] hat mir einen Guster auf den Film gemacht, dessen Thema er ist. Wieso ist Tim Allen so komisch geworden….oder ist der schon immer so gewesen?


In unregelmäßigen Abständen bin ich ins Kinderzimmer gelaufen weil mir Kirby zu ruhig gewesen ist. Ich habe darauf vergessen, dass er nicht zu Hause ist.

[1] Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary trailer 2 |youtube.com

against the winter blues

Death In Paradise is a british (BBC?) show about an english Detective Inspector being transferred to the fictional caribbean Island of Saint Marie where he and the other members of the local police force solve a murder every episode (i’m aware that you are all aware of how a police procedural show works, but for completions sake, i explained it).
The show features one or more known face from british television every episode and is a delight to watch. Not that it is overly complicated, but the first two season feature Ben Miller as the main protagonist, and his portrayal of the bulletin board stiff upper lip british gentleman, who refuses to don an airy attire despite the new climate he now works in is a part of my spirit guide.
He gets killed and replaced by a new DI played by Kris Marshall, who’s chief officer goes into the direction of a brilliant but chaotic cop.
The best thing about the show is that it not only crushes it’s enemies[1], but features tropical landscapes which is relaxing somehow and it doesn’t matter wether one starts watching an episode from the beginning, every few minutes there is a summarization that brings the viewer up to speed.
Man, it’s a great program to watch in winter.

[1] a Conan reference, from the first movie not the books. just in case.