Da schickt einem der Comichändler seines Vertrauens eine e-Mail.

„Hallo Hopkins! Du hast sicher Interesse an diesem alternativen Cover zu Mister Miracle #7?“

Auch wenn im Kontext der Geschichte die Existenz des Kindes nicht ganz klar ist; visuell dargestellt durch die „Bildstörungen“, da schießt mir schon das Lulu in die Augen.

new podcast episode

Niv and i finally had the chance to catch up on the things orbiting the space of our interests. Not only did we marathon through trailer talk and a few reviews, we also produced one of our best outtake reels so far

They are available on the podcatcher of your choice as well as iTunes, acast and stitcher.

visit the blog for further details:
ep.13-Off Camera

We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording.

trailer drop

Two trailers; two things i’m less excited about.

The Defenders

This smells like Iron Fist all over again. Nirvana’s music kills it for me and Charlie Cox’s entrance is a tas to cheesy.

The Dark Tower

This trailer feels like style over everything. Even the inclusion of the gunslinger mantra feels like to much whipped cream on top of to much whipped cream.
I wonder if the movie gathers a Ka-Tet large enough to make it a franchise. But even if it does not, somehow it still serves the Beam.

new podcast episode

My friend Niv and i produce a pop-culture centric podcast called Asteroids In Exile, and the newest episode was released last weekend.

If you’re interested to hear about two foreigners talk about US pop-culture, you can do so here. We celebrate our first listener question with lots of laughter. Well, i laugh a lot and Niv enjoys it.

It’s available via iTunes, acast or you can subscribe to our feed.